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【Student Dormitory】–Electricity Charges for the 1st Period, 2019-2020 Academic Year - Spring Semester

update date : 2020-07-01
Dear dormitory residents,
1、 The electricity charges of Student Dormitory are calculated by 4 periods
(1) 1st Period: 2020/02/27 - 2020/03/31
(2) 2nd Period: 2020/04/01 - 2020/04/30
(3) 3rd Period: 2020/05/01 - 2020/05/31
(4) 4th Period: 2020/06/01 - 2020/07/06
2、Please check your bill information on-line. https://sys.ndhu.edu.tw/SA/DormStudent/Login.aspx
If you have any questions regarding the calculations, please fill in the form of deposit reassessment and seek reconfirmation from the dorm manager before handing it in to the Office of Student Affairs and Life Division no later than 2020/06/12(Fri).

3、For any questions or concerns, please contact: Ms. Chung at 03-8906217.
Your safety, OSA's delight!

Student Living Services Division
Office of Student Affairs
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