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【 Student Dormitory 】2020 Summer Dormitory Application

update date : 2020-06-03

Dear Students,
1.	The 2020 Summer Dormitory shall operate as follows:
※2020/07/06 marks the end of the Spring Semester dormitory living period, and arrangements will be made for those applying for next semester’s period and the Summer dormitory.
※2020/07/06 12:00 Student dormitories shall close and shall reopen on 2020/09/10 12:00.

2.	Here is some important information regarding the 2020 Summer Dormitory Application.
(1)【Summer Dormitory Application】:
1) Application Period: 2020/05/26(Tue) 12:00 to 2020/06/05(Fri) 12:00.
2) Log on to the website with your course-selection account. 
3) Procedure: Apply online –> Pay fees –> Show the receipt as the proof of payment to the Dorm Manager when moving in.

(2)【Dormitory Accommodation Period】
1) Full-term accommodation:2020/07/06(Mon) 17:00 to 2020/08/31(Mon) 12:00.
2) Half-term accommodation: 
  ● 1st period: 2020/07/06(Mon) 17:00 to 2020/07/31(Fri) 12:00.
※Note: If you don’t complete the required move-out procedure before the deadline, you will be considered as continuing with the 2nd period accommodation and will have to pay the fee in full.	
● 2nd period: 2020/08/01(Sat) 12:00 to 2020/08/31(Mon) 12:00.
3) Short-term accommodation: Charged per day (for special activities or events).

(3)【Announcement of Accommodation Information】
1) You may check your room information online starting from 2020/06/11(Thu) 12:00. 
2) Room arrangements will be made by the Living Services Division.
★3) JieYun (Dormitory 1) shall be closed during summer vacation, due to maintenance work that needs to be completed. Electricity meters need to be replace, network rerouting needs to be done, and maintenance/cleaning needs to be completed, so the dormitory shall not be open for summer accommodation. 
★4) Available Summer Accommodation options:
● Graduate Students: XingYun (Dormitory 5) (Note: Since JieYun dormitory is going to be closed, you may still apply for accommodation during the first half of the summer, but will have to move to QinYue (Dormitory 6) for the other half.
● Undergraduate Students: QinYue (Dormitory 6)

(4)【Dormitory Fees】
Period of Payment: 2020/06/11(Thu) 12:00 to 2020/07/06(Mon) 24:00. 
Please visit Bank of Taiwan at https://school.bot.com.tw/twbank.net/index.aspx, to print out the bill of dormitory fees and pay.

1) All dormitory residents must cooperate with clean-up operations. For those graduate students who apply for summer accommodation in their original rooms, personal items should be placed in accordance with storage regulations. Whoever fails to cooperate shall be assigned to other available rooms.
 2) Please read all rules and regulations concerning dormitory accommodation before applying for Summer Dorms.
For any questions or concerns, please contact: Ms. Chung at 03-8906217.

Your safety, OSA's delight!
Student Living Services Division Office of Student Affairs
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